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American Express

Suit & Dress: MP3
Sporting Goods: MP3
One climber reveals himself to another - in an unusual way.
  Light House: MP3
  Meter: MP3
  Future: MP3


Roadside Assistance: MP3
Brass Rail Bottomless Salad Bar: MP3
Casual dining goes over the top.
Connecticut Savings Bank College: MP3
Casual dining goes over the top.

George Jacobs

Dance: MP3
Picnic: MP3


Film: MP3
Movie Camera: MP3
Slide: MP3
Molson Beer Border Crossing: MP3
Love of beer and official duty collide at the Canadian border.
Bar: MP3
Designated Driver: MP3
A beer lover makes the ultimate sacrifice.
Flight: MP3
Man: MP3
Meeting: MP3
Order: MP3
Plane: MP3
Police: MP3
Psychic: MP3
Space: MP3
Subway: MP3
Will: MP3


Quads: MP3

Provident Bank

Switch: MP3

Yellow Page

Ice Man: MP3
Turkey: MP3

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